About {Studio 15}


Hello all, i’d like to introduce myself to you, I am Mila Hart. Owner and creator of {Studio 15} poses&decor. I have a huge love for two things in the world of Secondlife, photography and decorating, which inspires me to put my love and hard work into creating  poses and decor just for you!

I make a variety of poses from.. pregnancy, couple, friends, toddleedoo, single, sexy, seductive, selfies, cute and romantic. Custom poses are also available upon request, feel free to contact me if interested.

I also make a variety of decor for your home and decorating needs. From frames, to wall hangings to table decor and more. 

I have tons of ideas for future creations and i want to share them all with you, so keep an eye out for many new releases.

Any and all feedback is always welcome. Thank you for reading!


Store Policy:

No refunds! If you need an item redelivered, please contact me and i will send it directly to you.



Inworld: MilaHart

Email: miss.milahart@yahoo.com


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